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Plug-in Dimmer
Plug-in Dimmer x2
Smart Thermostat
Motion Sensor
Window Sensor
Touchscreen Panel
Smart Door Lock
Tempurature Sensor
Garage Door Opener
Smoke Detector
Wifi Indoor Camera
Smart LED Lightbulb
Video Doorbell
Welcome Home
Time For Bed
Heading Out
Eyes & Ears

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Welcome Home
Whether you arrive home in the daytime or after dark, under sunny skies or pouring rain, toting grocery bags or sleepy toddlers, your Brightsuite system will be ready to welcome you home. Set your system to make automatic adjustments when you approach your house:
  • Unlock the front door
  • Adjust the thermostat
  • Disarm the security system
  • Turn on indoor or outdoor lights
  • Play music with your Sonos® speaker
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Time For Bed
No more snapping awake to wonder if you remembered to lock the front door: streamline your nighttime routine by automating your daily habits. A simple press of a button or a spoken command like "Hey Siri, it’s bedtime" can make automatic adjustments such as:
  • Lock the front door
  • Close the garage door
  • Adjust the bedroom thermostat
  • Turn off the bedroom lights
  • Play white noise with your Sonos® speaker
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Heading Out
You run through the same mental checklist every time you leave the house: doors to close, locks to lock, lights and electronics to turn off. Get peace of mind by setting your BrightSuite system to make the same set of adjustments each time you leave:
  • Turn off the lights
  • Adjust the thermostat
  • Lock the front door
  • Arm the security system
  • Monitor for fire or flooding
  • Video monitor your pets
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Eyes and Ears
With your BrightSuite system, you can have real-time interaction with your home's front entrance. Unlock the door for a visiting friend, confirm that a special package arrived safely, be notified when someone approaches your front porch. You now have complete control of your front entrance, no matter where you are:
  • Turn on outdoor lights
  • Communicate with a visitor
  • Disarm and re-arm security system
  • Unlock and re-lock doors
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You've customized your perfect system: now what? We offer professional installation for all of our products, and certain products also come with an option for easy self-setup. Have a question about installation? See our support page for more info - we'll be happy to help.
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